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do you know many are taught to believe that an apostle is the Rock ?namely,Peter?look Deut.32:4 God is the Rock,v.15 you have forsaken God & lightly esteemed the Rock of your salvation,v.16 you provoke Him to jealousy w/strange gods v.17 you sacrifice unto devils & not unto God,to gods whom you know not & to gods coming newly up, whom your fathers knew not(who (thinks)they make souls passed on into saints?)who you then bow to & pray to?)never thinking....hey;these souls could be in hell?.....Get a revelation here:Saints are the Born again Souls of God in Christ Jesus,cleansed by His soul cleansing Blood Heb.9:11-15 and Rom.3:25 & 1John2:2; sealed by His Spirit unto the day of our redemption Eph.1:13....that's right .......Jesus is the sealer & HolySpirit is the seal.Only God can cause you to become born again John1:12,13 as many that receive Christ,He gives power to become the sons(or children) of God,born NOT of the Blood nor of the Will of the flesh nor of the will of man(revelation here:works such as baptism, cannot save you, it is not by the will of your flesh or blood or of man that you are born again , but by God.receiving Him means appropriating Jesus Christ.Taking Him as your Savior (born)implies a birth!!!)the new birth is NOT of human origin,rather; it is spiritual & supernatural.
         So, by hearing the Word & by believing God, and asking Christ into your heart ,is how you(your soul) becomes born again!!Rev.3:20 you hear, you believe & you open the door(your heart)asking Him in & if you serioiusly mean it from your heart...He will Hear your heart & He will come in & dwell in you.SEE Col.1:27 the great mystery never before known to man, is that Christ is in us!!!(Born again)
              please get a life saving revelation here...water cannot save you...you can be dunked or sprinkled 3x a day 325 days a year , if you do not KNOW Christ & have not received Him into your heart as your Savior, you will go in as a sinner & come back up as a sinner(water cannot save)......if water could save you, then Christ did not have to die for you & for me.do you even realize, by relying on works,baptism to save you.. you are indeed rejecting the sacrifice of Christ for you?1Cor.5:7 He is our sacrifice, not water or anything else that you can ever think to do.
 Matt.7:25 if you do not have Christ as your foundation, you will sink.see:matt.16:15-20 listen up here...Jesus asked Peter who he thought  He (jesus) was..Peter's answer was the Son of God,Jesus called him blessed for man had not revealed that to him , but God had.Peter openly recognized the Lord's deity, Jesus said, upon this rock I will build My Church..and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.(if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ  & believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved...for with the heart man believes unto Righteousness;and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.....ROM.10:9,10!!and I will give unto you the keys of ("the Kingdom of heaven")(believer in Christ now sealed by His spirit , and now (having the keys(is born again , having everlasting life in Christ)sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13 ,this passage does not teach that peter ( a created soul same as you & me), is the foundation or stone of Christ's Church!!!)meaning:Once we hear & we believe & open the DOOR of our hearts(Rev.3:20) asking Christ in ( receiving Him as Our Savior at which moment we (our soul) is born again.("the confession of Peter's ," )you are the Son of the LIving God",that is the ROCK, the FOUNDATION upon which we are built up upon, which is that we believe Jesus is the Son of God & we confess it w, our mouths and are saved.Once you believe & ask Christ into your heart as your Savior,(belieivng)as Peter did,you too are also at that moment (born again) and now have Christ in you, the keys to everlasting life(the Kingdom of heaven)There is no other way John14:6.BUT belief & receiving Christ as your own personal savior.
   CHURCH:(Gr. ekkle'sia)means literally "a chosen or called out assembly." or group of believers in Christ, not viewed as an external organization ,denomination, or heirarchical system. the New Testament church, therefore,is a local autonomous "congregation" or assembly of believers in Christ. which is the Church in itself.the 1st occurance of the word(church)!!!Since the commission in Matt.10 sent the apostles ONLY to the House of Israel.no further commission was given until chapter 28,there was no worldwide task  for the disciples until the physical manifestation of the church on the Day of Pentecost.vv.18,19(note: Jesus has all power?not mankind.
  the Gates of hell shall NOT prevail against Christ's Church,(shall not stand against)the imagry would then picture the church as being on the offensive against the gates of hell. Satan's kingdom. also death & the grave.While Jesus' resurrection overcomes the sting of death,and also enables His Chruch to aggressively  & offensively attack the gates of hell  (job38:17) is.38:10 ,psalm107:18) by snatching out victims from darkness*(sin leading to everlasting death in hell/lake)into His glorious Kingdom of Light. The Chruch of Christ is on the offensive here & hell is on the defensive.
    again, keys of the kingdom promised to peter;same as us today that believe, we have the right to enter the Kingdom,and preaching the gospel is the means of opening the Kingdom of heaven.by Peter's sermon on the Day of Pentecost (acts2:14-40)Peter indeed opened the door(Jesus)of the Kingdom!!!(Jesus is the door by Him shall we enter in and be saved.)please get a revelation here.
 Bind & Loose:common words in Jewish ,meaning to declare forbidden or declare allowed see:18:18 "whatsoever" you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.(God is in agreement as we bind & cast out (sin,sickness,bondages etc)even bad spirits,)and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven(as we preach the gospel truth & they hear & believe & are saved,we have loosed the truth which is their good news by which they are saved(Jesus Christ)are they free & now loosed,and God agrees & receives it, He already has done it in heaven!!!.Because we believe & Christ is in us Rev.20:3 & col.1:27 and are sealed by His Spirit unto the day of our redemption eph.1:13 and are cleansed by His soul cleansing Blood (1john1:9,10,1John2:2 ,Heb.9:11-15 & Rom.3:25)by His Power & His authority in us, we can do these things.
  Remembering always,Jesus Christ is our salavtion, in Him alone are we saved , and only by belieivng & receiving Him into our hearts.Jesus is the Chief cornerstone 1peter2:4 Christ is the living stone,He was come as a living Stone,disallowed of men,but chosen of God & precious.v.5 we also as lively stones are built up a spiritual house,a Holy Priesthood, to offer up "Spiritual sacrifices",acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.v.6 behold I lay in Zion a chief cornerstone ,eelct,precious:and he that believe on Him shall not be counfounded.v7 the stone the builders disallowed ,the same is made the head of the corner and the stone of stumbling & a rock of offense,to them which stumble at the word,being disobedient.
       1Peter2:9 we (born again believers in christ)not sinners  not saved;...we are a chosen generation (WE who are in Christ are the chosen)we are a royal priesthood & a holy nation,a peculiar people,that We should show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light, v.10 in the past we were not a people,BUT are NOW the people of God:which had notr obtained mercy, but NOW have obtained mercy.
   the priesthood of the believer & our unique relationship to God are described as the chosen generation....a Royal Priesthood....a Holy Nation....THUS the New Testament church stands in a unique relationship to God as did Old testament Israel.
   the New testament priesthood becomes every Christians birthright.(in the Old test. only the family ( line) of Aaron were the priesthood)like our old test counterparts,believer priests have the privelege of access to God our sacrifice is our Body Rom.12:1,2 our praise to God Heb.13:15 our substance Rom.12:13 and our service Heb.13:6,the Born again Christian ought to pray for others Col.4:12.
   I pray we have cleared up a few facts (scripturally) and that you can come to SEE Only God can save you. It is supernatural .
   if you believe God and receive His Once & for all sacrifice for you(Jesus)then & only then can you become Born again & a child of God!!!
 Once you hear or read & believe , just say a simple prayer from your heart asking Jesus to come in & dwell in you, to forgive you by His shed Blood for all of your sins, and if you are sorry & mean it from your heart, He will come in & dwell in you, forgiving you of all your past sins, remembering them nomore.


I will tell you of my prophetic words & visions leading to last days. First filling you in on What God has in the past told me & shown to me, so you can clearly SEE ;YES , God does speak & YES it comes to pass.
******Back in my early 30's as I would fall asleep at night, I would hear seemed like millions of babies crying in the woods & I could never find them. It was so heart breaking to me, after a month of this I prayed to God to please take the night vision away and He did. ****** In the year 2,000 I saw & heard a vision of 911 , one year to the day before it happened, and all I could do was pray, at that same time,****** God told me,((( all the babies I heard crying in the woods were millions of murdered unborn babies in their mother's wombs, and now the revelation how they are all in heaven and have learned about Jesus' Crucifixion & they Love & worship Him,These babies take up the space of a SKY!! ****The Devil can kill the body but not the soul.
             These babies grow up , they do not remain as babies.and When Christ will come for us, He brings with Him all the Saints gone on before us, the babies are also part of His Body .The Bride,the Church,Will come with Him also !!!
   I am first telling words/visions/words of revelations first,before Last day words,so you can see how God does speak & how what He says does come to be.
 Lev.17:11 Life is in the Blood.........Lev.18:1-27 sacrifice of babies is nothing new, and an abomination to God, millions of babies are killed in the USA ea year,Their Blood has defiled the land and cries out to God............Ex.21:22 if anyone causes the fruit  of the womb to depart (life for life)it is a living Soul recognized by God.
           In 1996 ,in a Night Vision;God spoke into my spirit all night long,what to say in church the next day.gave to me a Guy sitting to my right(center row)3 pews down & a song Hosannah,when the church sang Hosannah,HolySpirit said, speak it now,as the Pastor entered the platform I stood up & spoke the Word as God has instructed me to do, saying to Harvest Temple Church in Largo,Fla,Pastor Dale Denham; God said,many miracles will take place right here in this church,many people will come here from everywhere , there will be so many people, you will have to enlarge the church, a House of Prayer was called for, God said, He was placing healing in his hands, as I said those words , his hands glowed gold.(the guy He gave to me to mt R (ctr. row,turned and looked at me, & I sat down!!).....3 years later;God said, call & check on the Word, so I did, and all had been fulfilled,many miracles,enlarged church,International House of Prayer & I went down to see for my self & saw the prophesy in action and that day Pastor Denaham was leaving to go to a healing seminar.
Jesus & I were standing in Largo,Fla.facing North(night vision)3 balls fell from heaven,1st NE from us,2nd NW from us
stood, the 3rd almost hit me, and landed a little SW from where we stood.Long stories short...There were3 Major storms in Florida exactly where the 3 balls had fallen,and many died in those storms, the one that almost hit me, was 2 streets behind me to the W.a lot of destruction(in a night vision;prior to this one,an angel was squeezing my head so hard, I partly awoke,as I did, I knew to move my arm as a huge black demon passed from me & right on out of the house(I knew in my spirit the demon had possessed me when I had gone to a psychic after my son had died, when you consult the dead ask of the dead, you will be possessed ( called having a familiar spirit  as I fell back to sleep, the angel kept saying over * & over Don't go to Florida I moved and figured becausee I had moved, the warning no longer applies, so we were packed & going to Fla. in a Night Vision, God came & spoke into my spirit to read Psalm 137 (all about tears,grief , it was apparent God did not want me to go to Fla, and I ignored His warnings & went anyway............Nothing was the same ,and we were sorry we went...I even grieved that things had changed so. Then coming back from Florida,95N in S Carolina, the car overheated. We were in the outside lane going 65mph, needle all the way to the top,no steering wheel,no brakes,no gas pedal; I cried  GOD help us(my elderly step Dad & young grandson)to get off the highway so we will be safe. I just turned into the inside lane(pretty good huh, w. the wheel frozen !!)continued along at 65 mph for a long way, if you know S Carolina, exits are few & far (especially,when you need one. After a while , finally an exit, and I turned off at 65mph I saw a stop sign & a lot of speeding traffic,I cried GOD  LOOK, A STOP  SIGN.......    & lots of traffic. The car came to a sudden STOP right at the stop sign. The car was DEAD.you can see by this story, always listen to the voice of the Lord, don't be defiant. He warns us for a reason.
 Another time coming back from Fla. my Step Dad had died,My grandson was up here with his mother, I was alone, just me & my dog..God spoke to me saying,register your car down here & pay your insurance here, I said "NO" I want everything NY, I hated Fla & wanted no part of it which meant no Fla registration or insurance !!!WELL< my car sat for 3 mos up here, the title could not be located.( I walked & asked for rides for 3 mos!!
     In MY sleep (night vision of the RAPTURE):Jesus appeared in the clouds, on a white horse,and with a constant sweeping of His arm, all of us who belong to Him being sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13 all went up to meet our Redeemer in the clouds along w. all the other saints He brought with Him. It was a true Vision, as Jesus was there & I went up, so it will happen in my life time, and I am not young.1Thess.4:16,17 & Rev.3:10 which is Jesus' Promise to us!!(by this scripture..He will get us before Great Tribulation (Last 3 1/2 yrs of  the 7 yr tribulation period)Just beforer that happens(that terrible hour)
  In a night vision,I was prayed for at church,fell out in the spirit & I was summer salting endlessly in outer darkness, outer blackness, outer nothingness, and it was so frightening, as I woke up, I cried,GOD,why did you do that to me? Why didn't you catch me? He said , to teach everyone of outer darkness , that it is Real. Matt.8:12
 in a vision ,((( I saw hell))), seemed like billions of screaming & crying souls, very devilish,terrible sounding & scary, SO I know by what I saw & heard; hell is real see Mark9:45,46 hell's fire not quenched, and where your worm will not die (paraphrased ,God said, your sins, addictions,lusts & desires are magnified thousand upon thousand times & NEVER EVER fulfilled THUS the fire is not quenched, your worm will not die ,then Rev.20:10-14 God will resurrect all hell & judge it all into everlasting destruction,the lake of fire 2nd death , hell is the 1st death(everlasting death and seperation from God who is your life,acts17:28 in God do we live ,move & have our being..........Then a few times I looked into a port hole (like) in the sky into ((((heaven)))) it appeared as we picture the Garden of Eden.all silky grass & silky leaves,everyone was so happy & relaxed & seemed to be filled with just Pure Joy.
 ****** Rom.8:16,Hos.12:10 God spoke by the prophets in visions,impressions,a quickening of the spirit,symbols,we know beyond knowing,We (SEE) we do not just observe or just LOOK,,,we (SEE) we also SEE God's Words.when I read in the scriptures, God speaks to me, and I spent a few mos looking up this scripture, never could find it.and I realized ,God had spoken it to me..He said, He will come for us in the fall ,after dinner & at sunset. We do not know the day or the hour but we do know the season.God is present during worship,Elisha said to play music & he received a word from God!!God is present when we read in His Word,when we praise & when we pray .God causes the Word of Knowledge to fall on you,He will give you discernemt of spirits , if you ask Him, then you will know when you hear a word if it is of the Lord?of the human? or the devil? God said, I will put a word in your mouth, do not think about it, speak it immediately & the rest will follow, so we never know what is going to come out of our mouths, and sometimes,if we do not keep our spirit eye on Jesus, and keep the flow with Holy Spirit we can get into previously spoken words from God,which He did not at all intend to come out of our mouths at that time in a certain venue!!(am I right Bro. Dave)??

back in 1997 I had prayed for 3 mos for God to deliver me from the cigarette habit,I would not EVER do it myself(couldn't)3 mos later, in a night vision,in church i was prayed for & fell out in the spirit & I was in Holy Spirit's arms.He rocked me in His arms all night long just like a baby!!with a cigarette wrapper at His feet.You do not speak there,I had need to know,had I died? He had me go & see!!I ran back into His arms!!!when I woke up in the morning, I looked in the mirror, my eyes were glowing from being w. God all night long, then I lit up a cigarette, I cried ,God..I thought you delivered me from cigarettes? He said aloud...read Habakkuk2:2,3 to write down the vision , that the vision is yet for an appointed time, that it will come.

3 weeks later,getting ready for church,having a cigarette,HolySpirit spoke aloud,this is the day ,now is the time, you will lay your habit down on the altar. in Great faith & expectation, I hid away (immediately) all cigarettes & ashtrays & lighters. 


in church,HolySpirit said,aloud, go now ,lay your habit on the altar,I 
must have had a tiny obstinate thought in my heart, as HolySpirit said, very loudly, if you love me , you will do it now. So , I idid, I had no desire to smoke.Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.
God has recently told me, all are already healed by His stripes(finished work on the cross, that when we lay hands on them & pray & He heals them, and they say they are not healed, they are not exercising their faith. they DOUBT & do not even realize it, as long as we doubt ,we block our healing/deliverance!!


                 SCROLL ON DOWN 

            JUST TAKING A BREATH !!!

                NOW WE ARE READY TO TALK ...........................


        During prayer back in 1999,God spoke to me;He said"there are many pestelence 

already in the USA, He said, they are everywhere & Nobody Knows who or where they are(so by this, we know He is speaking of Terrorists)He said,they are already doing their dirty deeds,that they will plant canisters everywhere throughout the USA, all undetected by anyone,He then said Nuclear & Germs. He said, they will go off simultaniously everwhere & we will not be able to keep up w. the catastrophies. Millions will die.He said, there will be war on USA soil.
       I then saw in the Spirit, thousands upon thousands running on fire, skin falling off. God said ( Nuclear)
   I then saw a very long bridge go down, it was red, God said, Nuclear( I thought Cali, following the vision I had a night vision, walking across a long bridge in Mass. it was Red, very peaceful , beautiful calm water & skyline/ Next day on the news was the same water & skyline(NYC) There will be major catastrophic events in both places , God also said Cali isd going down.Detroit,Great Lakes.South God is going to cause a major shaking of the USA for all her disobedience unto God , for allowing all the abominations against Him ,bowing to another god(satan)and pushing Israel into giving land away ; LOOK70x they say the world went against Israel, ea time either at the same time of going against her or w. in 24 hrs , were natural disasters by God.(earthquakes & floods , huricanes .)10/30/91 Bush sr. after Gulf war Madrid peace process (israel) immediately was the most powerful storm in N Atlantic against the Presidents home in Main 30' waves over his home. then the madrid peace process for Israel moved to Washington DC , Aug.23.1992 Hurricane Andrew worse ever at that time to ever hit the USA  Katrina.& Gaza (same time)USA & Rice pressured Israel to let the land go Katrina Aug.23:05 Katrina hit as the last Jewish settler was forcibally reemoved from Gaza,Israel , & govt. ( I sat watched & cried)JUDGMENT...WARNINGS.....REPENT . America has been upheld by God because we have always helped Israel(NOW the USA will very well suffer cataclymisic natural disasters, ( stock market crash? Terrorists? In the Week prior to 911,Pres. said,we'd recognize palestine as a state,(Sept.23 rd.2001; 911 at the same time., and we are at war right now w, Israel's enemies.Who are now our enemies as well. 70 events , against Israel , either at  the same moment or w, in 24 hrs ;natural catastrophies from God .USA now at a crossroad,Govt & Pres, interfering w. God's plan (Gaza)if we do not stop, God will move against the USA & force us to stop / We must help Israel & STOP Ahmadinejad, Iran needs to be stopped not Israel.President Bush did tell Iran if they attack Israel , we will help Israel./One safe pl. for the Jewish people is With God of abraham,isaac & Jacob in the Messiah, Yeshuah(Jesus the Lord , our redeemer & Savior & Once & for all sacrifice.1Cor.5:7, There is ONE Covenant ( The New Covenant Gentiles & Jews as One New Man Israel, Repent & confess in the name of Yeshuah and be saved.
          USA has bowed to another god,doing away with Puiblic prayer(they do not acknowledge God anymore...they did away with HIS 10 commandments for us to live by,,Deut.7:9 we are to Keep His commandments to a thousand generations(THIS means..(FOREVER) Lev.26 there are penalties for the disobedient unto God.........do not try to replace God in the old test ,w/Jesus in the New Test.ok?..(They are ONE in the same Spirit ....John4:24 God is spirit Col.1:15 invisible/ 1tim.3:16 God was manifested in the flesh(Jesus) and John1:1-14 the Word(Rev.19:13 Jesus' name is the Word, WAS GOD and became flesh(Jesus) 1cor.5:7 became our once & for all sacrifice  & 2Cor.5:19 the Father was in the Son, reconciling the World back unto Himself. The Body ( of Christ the Son & Messiah) is our Once & for all sacrifice, the perfect Lamb of God, pure & spotless for you & for me.God is GOD from Gen thru Rev..(Deut.4:13) and Jesus did not destroy the law of Moses,the New Test. does not contradict the Old test., rather the New fulfills the spiritual intention of the law; SEE the Law degenerated into legalism w. the pharisees,Jesus took the law beyond the outward observance to the inner spiritual intention of God(Matt.5:17)Jesus Gave 2 (NEW) commandments, He NEVER said, to replace the old ones that I made in EX.20...NONONO, if you go by these 2 commandments(loving your neighbor(everyone)with all of your heart as your self & loving God with all of your heart............then, certainly;you will not break the rest of God's commands,judgments,
statutes.They did away with Public prayer,they do not want any crosses worn or displayed anywhere,No more mentioning Jesus in public and they now want to do away with God's name, (Most Holy Father God, our creator, our very life for in Him do we live ,move & have our being Acts.17:28 .They commit what all is an abomination to God,forbidden by Him (see Lev.18 God's standards for us to live by,Lev.19 God teaches how to live w. Holiness in our personal conduct, SEE the consequences for disobedience unto God Lev.20 Deut.28 & Deut.27:11/You cannot do away with God & His Word!!!  Gal.3:24 the law is what brought us to God(how can you know God without reading His Word for you?...1Tim.1:9 the Law is for sinners,How will you know right from wrong without Father God & His Word & His ways?IMPOSSIBLE. SEE Rom.1:24-32 & Lev.18:22 & 1Cor.6:9 & Gal.5:19-21 (abominations to God and Lev.26;(GOD IS THE SAME GOD FROM GEN. THRU REVELATION,SPIRIT JOHN4:24 BECAME FLESH 1TIM.3:16 & JOHN1:1-14) CHANGED NONE OF HIS PREVIOUS SPOKEN WORD, JUST NOMORE SACRIFICE .hE PAID IT ALL!!!!...EX.3:13-15&DEUT.32:39 GOD SAID, "I AM HE"(NO BEGINNING NO END) SEE JOHN8:24 ,JESUS SAID, IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THAT "I AM HE" YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR SINS.
      Jer.18:7 God said, in an instant,I shall Speak concerning a nation(a people)to Pluck it up & pull it down & to destroy it, IF they Repent of their evil ,then I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them. PSALM148:8 Fire,Hail,snow,rain,stormy winds are fulfilling God's Word**********
      This is pointed out to you, so you comprehend GOD & His Word & the last days,where His wrath will be poured out over all nations (peoples) who have discarded God & His Word, (ARMAGEDDON)  THE USA murders millions of unborn babies ,(God's heritage) made in His image .(Lev.17:11 Life is in the Blood)!! Lev.18:1-27 sacrifice of children is nothing new, it is from the beginning(does not make it right)America murders millions of unborn babies  , and their Blood cries out from the land to God Ex.21:22 if you cause the fruit of the womb to depart from her (Life for Life),it is a living soul & recognized by God Is.49:1 the Lord called him from the womb!! Jer.1:4,5 God said, I knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb(HOW SO?BECAUSE YOU ARE SPIRIT IN HIS IMAGE(GOD IS SPIRIT JOHN4:24,when a seed is forming in the womb, it already has a spirit and is known by God. 1Cor.6:19,20/ God is angered by all of this and He will pour out His wrath over our very nation. God forbids being in agreement w. the sin and they who do agree w. them will be punished in the same manner see rom.1:32.
 God said, He will use the evil of this world to destroy , He said,He will Hsssss & they will come from the ends of the world to kill & destroy.
 ***** God said, they have no respect whatsoever for life,and they will walk right up to Dignitaries & shoot them square in their face, not fearing any consequences, USA will see such wicked un heard of violence ,Never even thought of before , right here in the USA & God said, there will be war on the USA soil.
 ***** if you are reading these words/visions,God has drawn you ,because He wants that you know these things,THAT He is God & That He wants that you hear or read the truth & believe God & receive Christ as your Savior(I have other Blogs,teaching you how to be born again.Just click on them ,ea subject on my AIM profile page , go down to my Favorite sites, I have 5 sites listed, to teach the lost.  http://journals.aol.com/lady4immanuel/lady4the-gr-i-am/
 http://journals.aol.com/lady4immanuel/lady4thegrIAMafterlife.com/ (My AIM profile page is Lady4Emmanueljournals @aol.com /  ........http:www.greatestjournal.com/~lady4the griam/  also http://journals.aol.com/lady4emmanuel/God andeternallifeaol.com/ or http://journals.aol.com/lady4emmanuel/Godandeternallife.aolcom/ http://journals.aol.com/lady4emmanuel/lastdays.aol.com/ 
 You can e-mail me   JoanLady777@Yahoo.com or Lady4emmanuel@aol.com Let's talk!!! I will be very happy to answer your questions & help in anyway that I can.
  Ahmadnejad ,the leader of Iran , said, he is under divine command from allah to bring about the end time war ,to hasten the coming of THEIR MESSIAH, who will destroy us & Israel (all who will not convert to Islam)and will save them....BE AWARE HERE........they want to be in control of the entire World, You have heard of One world Religion?(last days) One world Govt. (last days)(He says this will happen the end of March) BEWARE of last days leading to ARMAGEDDON, do not be left behind, do NOT be caught DEAD with out Christ as your Savior.
     Israel is looking for her Messiah(not Jesus) but another Messiah, so they too will be deceived by Anti Christ.and there is a Messianic presence in Iran!!!!!! ( THINK)  ........Pray for Israel ,we know 144,000 will be saved during Great Tribulation(after we are gone (The Church,Bride)1Thess.4:16,17 & Rev.3:10 these are not just saved out of Israel alone, NOW I want you to SEE with your spiritual eyes,not to look at the physical.........SEE, do not just observe the physical........God says in His Word, many are in israel and are not of Israel or are not Israel,,,,,now lets examine Rom.2:28,29 a True Jew is one inwardly & not outwardly!!!circumcision is of the HEART and not of the flesh(Born again Bible believing Christians abiding in Christ , have crucified their flesh(dying to all lusts & desires of the flesh ,dead to this world alive unto God in Christ......(True Jews inwardly)I am pointing out the spirutal Word of God to you.,so you can SEE & not OBSERVE. Just look w. your physical eyes.SO you can see Israel belongs to God in Christ Jesus!!! same as Physical jerusalem is in bondage to the Law while New Jerusalem from above (2peter3:3-13 )and Rev.21&22;which is spiritual not Physical. Same as the Law became spirutal (new covenant written in our hearts & minds)born again believers in Christ. Same as the old test Temple is physical, while the new Test Temple is all born again believers in Christ 1Cor.3:16 we are the temple of God & He dwells in us.....The temple will be rebuilt....BUT it is for an end time sign............ALL who will come to believe & receive Jesus Christ , will be saved.Out of all nations ( sinners are (THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL), which are Gentiles, lost sinners in this World without Christ,EVERYWHERE.(ISRAEL IS  GOD'S TIME CLOCK!!EVERYTHING SPOKEN BY GOD HAPPENS THERE 1ST AND FOR A SIGN!!!!SPIRITUAL SIGN A SPIRITUAL REVELATION HERE.(all who will come to believe & be born again in Christ John3:3 & Eph.1:7 & Rev.3:20  will be saved EVERYWHERE!!
 Look at 1Peter2:SEE v.9 WE are a Chosen Generation, a royal Priesthood,a Holy Nation,we offer up sacrifices of praise for He has brought us out of darkmess into the LIGHT of HIS SON,Jesus Christ.
 This is to get your eyes off the physical , unto SOULS (Life) unto Christ, unto the Spiritual and NOT the Physical.
       *********  In  a Night Vision Christmas Eve '06 , was an angel bowing down towards  our convoy going into Iraq,arms outstreatched towards the convoy & he was crying so hard his face was all squenched up,as I woke up, I felt all this sadness, & I was crying,it was so bad I inquired of God,WHAT DID  THE VISION MEAN? What came up from my Spirit (STOP ,GO BACK, YOU ALREADY HAVE GONE TOO FAR.) GOD BROUGHT TO MY MEMORY THOUSANDS RUNNING ON FIRE,SKIN FALLING OFF ( NUCLEAR) SO IN MY SPIRIT , I feel as we go into Iraq, our guys may meet up w, Nuclear Holocoust.
 ***God has pointed out to me, things are changing for our nation...There is a presence in  our nation who will cause gay marriages to be allowed, allow Partial Birth abortion, and open up the boarders.We are Living in dangerous times I TELL YOU,GOD said, and the World will be in SHOCK..............any more men going to Iraq is suicide, we never ignore angelic warnings. THE OUTCOME IS DEEPLY SORROWFUL.(The Vision was Black & White(Not Good) and was lit up White(Not Good & a sure true vision)
  God said, Syria is a snake,Russia the head, the   Arab       nations , the body, that there lies the abyss
*****Israel is MORE then Prepared, Iran does not know if she is or not & just is not sure what to do or not to do.....................God is in Control..............Israel will strike Iran, Even the EU is in danger of Iran's threats.
 I saw that the very men sent to prevent any outbreaks of war between Israel & Hezbollah are Israel's enemies & are right in position to turn on her like a snake.
           These are the Most dangerous times EVER Before in  OUR Nations History I am fully in agreement with a dear Bro in Christ ,Time is running out, there is not much time left at all.
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